Choosing most proper process method,CNC machining&3D Rapid prototyping,Full inspection for samples and fast delivery.


After manufacturing design completed, the prototype will be arranged per the CAD modeling and engineer solution.

Presentation prototype is a visual representation of how the end invention design will look and It could apply to a lot of situations,such as design optimization,internal reviews,trade shows,new product demonstrations and so on.


How to make a prototype?


If you are going to have a visual appearance prototype to support product development, 3D printing and CNC (computer numerical control) machining are the best solutions for prototype manufacturing. How to choose between these two processes in specific applications.


*3D Printing

3D printing is one of rapid prototyping technology with cost-effective which has great shorter lead-time.

  • Complex structure can be manufactured without the use of molds, also it doesn’t affect the time or cost. It allows to quickly deliver small batches of parts, and flexibly & agilely adapt to design changes.
  • Supporting the processing flow of parallel parts to save time. it can produce multiple parts in a single project, multiple versions of a single part, or multiple parts in different projects.
  • It’s not necessary to use a variety of settings to manufacture parts, After the start of the operation, the 3d printing equipment will run until the parts are manufactured.


*CNC Prototyping

  • 3D printing has a limitation in materials application,but CNC machining can solve the problem and the prototype material can match the effect of final product as much as posslble. 
  • After CNC processing, the mechanical properties of the prototype are almost same as the original material.
  • The tolerance of CNC process is high precision,also the surface finish would be better. 

so if tolerance and smoothness are mainly considered, CNC machining is the best choice. However, considering the comprehensive factors such as cost, manpower and delivery time, 3D printing technology has obvious advantages.

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