Assembling test will be made by our side.

Getting your test feedback and adjust the design solution.


Prototype design and pilot production are key steps in engineering and design verification. They help you extend the conceptual validation model to high-quality engineering prototypes and pre-production samples that simulate the final product, and guide mass production through a series of validation stages.

JY Machinery provides comprehensive manufacturing services to help designers and engineers create test components faster than ever before and quickly repeat their designs based on actual testing and feedback to meet the required performance, verification, testing, certification and quality requirements.

Prototype Validation Testing

The working prototype will be tested in function and other test items per the requirement, then the project team will review the test result in the weekly meeting, if some test failure items, the related engineer need to release the verification plan accordingly. Then the project manager will update the 1st version files to 2nd version or 3rd version if necessary. If it will affect the whole schedule of project or be involved in adjustment solution, the project manager need to report BDM/AE for clients’ reviewing. The final solution need to be confirmed and uploaded in our system for record after the verification. 

Pilot Production Validation Testing

--What’s the Pilot Production? 
It means that before Mass Production, the production fixture or the machine equipment of production has been the optimal stage of design. The project team need to arrange 20-100pcs product to produce as the trial to detect products and processes. The Pilot Production can reveal potential production and improve them before Mass Production. 

--What’s Main test items in Pilot Production

  • To test FPY (First Pass Yield) of the products from the Pilot Production, if the FPY are short of the required standard, then this Pilot Production will be treated as unqualified, the project has to issue the correction plan for the causes and arrange next Pilot Production until closing all the issues. 
  • To test the production fixture or the machine equipment of production and keep them could produce the product efficiently and accurately. To keep quality consistence in Mass production
  • To test SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of all process in production. If issues found in SOP in PP, it need to solve before Mass Production. 
  • To test the package of products, especially for retailer package, it needs to keep all component of package (such as label, user manual, the warranty card…) be put in box without omission in SOP of package in production line. And the drop test will proceed at same time for delivering the product without damage.

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