Application of fast-moving wire processing technology in hardware parts processing

The molybdenum wire of the wire cutting machine is controlled by the wire storage tube and the upper and lower wire frames to make high-speed back and forth movement. The linearity and vertical accuracy of the molybdenum wire are controlled by the guide wheels of the upper and lower wire frames. The processing of hardware parts is fixed by the backing plate between the upper and lower wire frames. Connect the molybdenum wire and the machined parts to the positive and negative poles of the pulse power supply respectively. The machined parts are melted by the high temperature generated by the electric discharge, and the excess parts of the metal machined parts are cut off to obtain the required part shape.

Wire-cutting machine tools are divided into slow-moving wire machine tools and fast-moving wire machine tools. The slow-moving wire processing precision is high, but its cost is also high. Fast-moving wire machine tools are widely used by most domestic hardware processing manufacturers because of their relatively simple structure, high production efficiency, and low production costs. Although their processing accuracy is low, they can generally meet the needs of production. Judging from the general development trend, the slow-moving wire-cutting machine tool is the development direction. The wire cutting machine we usually refer to generally refers to the fast wire machine.

Fast wire processing is named because the electrode wire runs at high speed during the cutting process. The fast-moving wire processing machine tool is an original electrical processing machine tool in my country. After decades of continuous improvement and development, it has now become an important method in hardware processing. It can meet the requirements of middle and low-end hardware parts processing and other complex parts manufacturing, and it occupies a considerable weight in the middle and low-end market.

The big advantage of fast-moving wire processing machine tools is that they have a good price-performance ratio. Because of its practicability and economy, it has a large domestic market. Traditional fast-moving wire processing adopts a one-time cutting process, the processing efficiency is about 40mm²/min, the surface roughness is about Ra3.0μm, the surface has obvious lines, and the processing accuracy is about 0.02mm.

In order to improve the processing quality of CNC hardware parts, manufacturers of fast-moving wire processing machine tools improved the relevant parts of the machine tool by referring to the multiple cutting process, and the so-called "middle wire-moving machine tool" appeared. A large number of process technologies such as the CNC precision, pulse power supply, wire feeding system, and process database of the machine tool have been greatly improved. Improve the processing accuracy of hardware parts and improve the surface quality of the parts.

The current technical indicators of the middle wire processing machine tool: the efficiency of one cut is 180mm²/min, the surface roughness after multiple cuts is Ra≤1.0μm, the average efficiency at this time is 50mm²/min, and the processing surface gloss There is no obvious cutting stripes, the processing precision is 0.01 mm, and the electrode wire loss is less than 0.01 /200,000 ². These performance indicators look good, but it should be noted that obtaining these indicators needs to ensure that all links are well. Once there are discrepancies, such as changes in the concentration of the working fluid and the loss of the electrode wire, the stability of the processing quality will be affected. For this reason, hardware parts processing manufacturers must strengthen the control of all links in the process of using wire processing machine tools to ensure the processing quality of hardware parts.

With the rapid development of modern industry, CNC hardware parts processing industry will develop in the direction of short production cycle, low cost and high precision. Wire cutting technology occupies an important position in CNC hardware processing industry because of its advantages in improving product quality and work efficiency, expanding production scope and reducing CNC hardware parts processing production costs. Therefore, further research and exploration of wire cutting technology is of great importance.

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