The Evolution from Lathe to CNC Turning Centre

The traditional machining is done by hand-operating ordinary machine tools. When operating, the operating handle is shaken by hand. The motor drives the mechanical tool to cut the metal, and the eye uses a caliper and other tools to measure the accuracy of the product. Lathe equipment is a very common equipment, but ordinary lathe equipment is far from meeting the needs of modern product processing. A very common product often requires 2-3 kinds of equipment to meet its product requirements. 

Modern industry has already been operating with computer-controlled digital machine tools. CNC machine tools can automatically process any product and component directly according to the program programmed by the technician. That is what we call CNC machining. CNC machining is widely used in any field of machining, and it is the development trend of mold processing and an important and necessary technical means.

Parts for CNC turning are visible everywhere around us. The application fields are becoming more and more extensive: transportation equipment, aviation equipment, outdoor equipment, and medical equipment. The requirements of these products require high precision and a large number. Such demand will lead to more powerful equipment. If you are designing more sophisticated components, the current equipment will be more suitable for your requirements. 

CNC lathe processing, in our JY Machinery Team, our previous processing experience can provide the most professional service and the most suitable price, including high precision and customized material selection, we have the most advanced machine and experienced team of processing, If you need to customize any CNC turning service, please contact us as soon as possible, we will be happy to help you.

What is special about CNC machining today?

In fact, modern CNC turning solutions are similar to traditional manual techniques, but nowadays, modern equipment is more multifunctional than ever because of the various needs of the products. The process of component installation is to fix the part to a horizontal or vertical chuck (now hydraulic clamping of a CNC machine, not manual clamping) and verify that its axis of rotation matches the spindle axis. The tool is set outside the rotary head and automatically switches the machining program according to the NC program. The program controls the movement and machining of the tool according to the specified coordinates. Now in order to improve efficiency, some CNC lathes are equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices, some feeders with automatic feeding, etc.
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