What is the difference between CNC machining and die-casting of aluminum housing?

The production of aluminum housing for electronic products usually requires the search of a professional and regular aluminum housing manufacturer for processing and customization, because different brands and models of products have different requirements for aluminum housing, which are specifically reflected in the shape, size and appearance treatment, As we know that there are two processing technologies in the industry, namely CNC processing and die-casting processing.Both are technologies that process raw materials into desired products, but many people don’t know much about them. Let ’s take a look at the difference between CNC machining and die-casting of aluminum housing.

CNC machining refers to CNC machining, which is precision machining under the digital control of the computer. Under this machining process, the aluminum housing can achieve some very special or complex surface treatments, such as bevel cutting, non-penetrating patterns or Texture engraving, punching of aluminum housing bends, non-flat surface treatment, etc. It can be said that even the most demanding and difficult to handle details can be completed under CNC processing. For those manufacturers who have personalized and extremely high requirements for the processing of aluminum housing, it is unavoidable to use this type.

The die-casting process uses the mold cavity to apply high pressure to the molten metal to form a surface effect similar to that of the mold. Under the die-casting process, some simple punching and pattern forming work can be performed. Compared with CNC machining, the cost is lower, but it can’t be performed extremely complicated surface treatment.

These two processing methods of aluminum hosing have their own characteristics, both of which are indispensable skills of aluminum housing processing manufacturers in production and operation. The two can achieve complementary effects and allow manufacturers to provide customers with better services. Of course, as many people think, CNC machining is the best. In order to produce and process qualified aluminum housings, the corresponding processing technology must be selected according to its production needs. At the same time, production costs must be considered. When both processing processes are feasible, which one is naturally more convenient and beneficial. It is better to choose which one is better, not to choose which one looks better. After all, cost is always a part we cannot ignore.

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