What're application areas of PEEK?

The main application areas of PEEK are, automobile and other (including aviation) transportation market accounts for about 50% of PEEK resin consumption, semiconductor manufacturing equipment accounts for 20%, compressor valves and other general mechanical parts and components account for 20%, medical equipment and Other markets such as analytical instruments account for 10%.

1. Transportation machinery fields such as automobiles

The growth of PEEK resin in the European market is especially the fastest growth in the automotive parts product market, especially the parts around the engine, transmission parts, steering parts, etc. All use PEEK plastic instead of some traditional high-priced metals as manufacturing materials. As the automotive industry adapts to the requirements of miniaturization, weight reduction and cost reduction, the demand for PEEK resin will continue to grow. 44 parts of a European model use PEEK plastic instead of traditional metal products.

2. IT manufacturing industry

Semiconductor manufacturing and the electronics and electrical industries are expected to become another growth point for PEEK resin applications. In the semiconductor industry, in order to achieve high functionality and low cost, silicon wafers are required to be larger in size and more advanced in manufacturing technology. Low dust, low gas emission, low ion dissolution, and low water absorption are essential for various equipment materials in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The special requirements of PEEK resin will be the place where PEEK resin can show its talents.

3. The field of office machinery parts

For the separation claws, special heat-resistant bearings, chains, gears, etc., when using PEEK resin instead of metal as their materials, the parts can be lightweight, fatigue-resistant, and oil-free lubrication can be achieved.

4. Wire coating field

PEEK coating has good flame retardancy, without any flame retardant, its flame retardant level can reach UL94 V-0. PEEK resin also has the advantages of peeling resistance, radiation resistance (109 rad), etc., so it is used in special wires in military and nuclear energy related fields.

5. Sheets, bars and other fields

In the application process of PEEK in some special fields, it often encounters the phenomenon of small quantity and large variety. At this time, it is very advantageous to use rods, plates and other profiles for mechanical processing and manufacturing.

6. Fiber field

PEEK fiber (including monofilament) industrial filter cloth, industrial brush and other products. In the field of composite materials, the charm of PEEK fiber lies in its thermoplasticity and high temperature resistance. In addition to heat resistance in industrial filter cloths and industrial brushes, its charm lies in its chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.

7. Field of medical analysis equipment

Because PEEK can withstand repeated high-pressure sterilization, it can be used to manufacture endoscope parts and dental detergents in medical equipment. In addition, because of its high strength and low dissolution, PEEK has been used in liquid chromatography columns, tubes, and accessories for instrument analysis. Moreover, because PEEK has good compatibility with the human body, it has successfully replaced traditional titanium as an artificial bone material.

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