What're the advantages of zirconia ceramics?

Zirconia ceramics have pure ZrO2 which is white, yellow or gray when it contains impurities, and generally contains HfO2, which is not easy to separate. The production of zirconia ceramics requires the preparation of powders with high purity, good dispersion properties, ultra-fine particles and narrow particle size distribution. There are many methods for preparing zirconia ultrafine powder. The purification of zirconia mainly includes chlorination and thermal decomposition methods, and alkali metals. Oxidative decomposition method, lime melting method, plasma arc method, precipitation method, colloid method, hydrolysis method, spray pyrolysis method, etc.

The advantages of zirconia ceramics:

1.High hardness, high toughness, high bending strength, the density of zirconia ceramics is between 5.95 and 6.05 g/cm3, the toughness of zirconia among the four commonly used materials for making ceramic spheres (Si3N4, SiC, Al2O3, ZrO2) The highest, above 8MPa·m1/2.

2.High wear resistance, low friction coefficient, wear resistance is 15 times that of alumina ceramics, and the friction coefficient is only 1/2 of alumina ceramics. After grinding, the surface smoothness is higher, which can reach ▽9 or more. It is mirror-like, extremely smooth, and has a smaller friction coefficient.

3.Good insulation, strong corrosion resistance, no static electricity, high temperature resistance, excellent heat insulation performance, and thermal expansion coefficient close to steel.

4.Zirconia ceramics have self-lubricating properties, which can solve the pollution and inconvenience of adding lubricating media.

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