Why do designers of surgical instruments prefer medical 304 stainless steel?

In the field of surgical instrument design, for the choice of materials, why do designers choose 304 stainless steel? In terms of stainless steel, we basically choose 304 grades for a small range of knowledge analysis of 304 series materials.

304 refers to SUS304 stainless steel. In fact, SUS is a Japanese material standard, and ASTM304 is a stainless steel produced in the United States. (0Cr18Ni9) Stainless steel is also equivalent to our domestic 304 stainless steel. Japan also quoted the American name as SUS304. Due to the different standard of our international brand and domestic brand, it has appeared in our design world. There are a lot of 304 titles,

There are also several titles for 304 grades. Of course, their structural composition and molecular composition are slightly different, so his characteristics are also different. For example: 304L: 304L belongs to stainless steel with lower carbon content than 304, which is more resistant to corrosion and resistant. Intergranular corrosion is better than 304. 304H: 304H belongs to higher carbon content than 304, corrosion resistance is stronger, stainless heat-resistant steel, has a good elbow, hardness is better than 304, anti-oxidation temperature up to 850 ℃ .


For the selection of many 304 stainless steel grades, one is the standard setting of domestic medical devices, the second is its excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and the third is that it meets medical standards in allergy testing. However, when we choose these materials, they must be suitable for the needs of our products, such as steel toughness, hardness, elongation rate, use environment, etc., there are many materials for medical instruments on site.

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