Different applications of multiple colors FR4 epoxy boards

As we know there are several different colors of FR4 epoxy board. The most common ones arelittlegreen, yellow and black.

FR4 is a code for a grade of flame-resistant materials, which represents a material specification that resin materials must be able to extinguish by themselves after being burned. The FR4 epoxy board is an insulating material with a certain flame retardant grade and sufficient insulation properties, and is widely used in many circuit boards.

This kind of insulation material has stable electrical insulation performance, smooth and flat surface, which can be adapted to the application of some high-performance electronic insulation products. Among them, transformer insulation boards, motor insulation parts, and electronic switch insulation plates are more common.

At present, the commonly used sizes of FR4 epoxy board on the market are 1020 * 1220, 1020 * 2440, 1020 * 2040

Among these many colors of FR4 epoxy boards,littlegreen boards are generally used in computers, electronic switches, computer peripheral products, communication products, office automation equipment, automation instruments, military and avionics products, household appliances, etc. In the product, because it has good quality stability and flatness, it is suitable for surface mount and package substrate requirements.

And yellow is widely used in digital display, dot matrix display, LED display, large screen display, electronic road signs, electronic sign board production, and special requirements of electronic and electrical insulation structural parts. Black substrates are widely used in optical instruments, cameras, and other products, which have the characteristics of stable quality and high flatness.

Black is generally used in antistatic insulation engineering or materials, which has antistatic and flame retardant effects.

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