JY Machinery 2020:To improve our precision machining technology constantly

Manufacturing is an important pillar of the national economy of a country or region. The so-called advanced manufacturing technology is the integration of mechanical engineering technology, electronic information technology (including microelectronics, optoelectronics, computer software and hardware, modern communication technology) and automation technology, as well as material technology, Integrated production technology of modern management technology. The goal pursued by advanced manufacturing technology is to achieve high-quality, accurate, material-saving, energy-saving, clean, efficient, and flexible production to meet social needs. Precision machining technology is an advanced manufacturing technology developed to meet the needs of modern high technology, and is the basis for the implementation of other high and new technologies.

At present, a new round of the industrial revolution is surging, which has continuously put forward new requirements for intelligent manufacturing, digitalization, inter-factory interconnected communications, and the Industrial Internet of Things. In the face of the current economic situation and industry dynamics, JY Machinery continuously improve our precision machining technology to meet changing market demands.

The new year means new challenges and represents new opportunities. With the pulse of the industrial age, the door to 2020 is about to open. The next year may be more challenging, but with our outstanding solutions, JY Machinery is confident that we will succeed at this challenge!

Another the holiday of 2020 spring festival in our company arranged as below:
1-Our factory: from 19th,Jan to 3rd,Feb
2-Our office:from 24th,Jan to 31th,Jan

Finally but most importantly, wish all of you a very happy New Year!

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