What is GPO-3 insulation board withstand voltage test?

GPO-3 insulation board withstand voltage test is a non-destructive test, which is used to check whether the insulation capacity of the frequently occurring transient high voltage is qualified. It applies high voltage to the device under test for a certain period of time to ensure that the insulation performance of the device is strong enough. Another reason for doing this test is that it can also detect instrumentation flaws such as insufficient creepage distances during manufacturing and insufficient clearance for GPO-3 insulation boards. The following figure is the specification of the insulation distance of the instrument in IEC60601-1 and an example of a common insufficient clearance.

GPO-3 insulation board

The original withstand voltage tester is just a simple transformer and voltage regulator, which converts the mains into the required test voltage and applies it to the tested sample. However, due to the fluctuation of the mains, one sometimes has to adjust the output voltage to a level that is 20% greater than the actual required value to prevent possible fluctuations in the input voltage.

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At the same time, in many safety standards, GPO-3 insulation board specifically requires that the withstand voltage tester used has a capacity of more than 500VA. This is to ensure that when the sample has a large leakage current, the GPO-3 withstand voltage tester still has sufficient output voltage. However, with the development of technology, this requirement has become obsolete.

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The new withstand voltage testers all have sufficient source voltage regulation and load regulation, but only some old safety standards still have this requirement. tester requirements. From the user's point of view, the 500VA capacity of the GPO-3 withstand voltage tester is a threat to the operator. Due to different test standards, large-scale assembly line testing and people's recognition of electrical safety performance.

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