What is Epoxy ESD FR4 Sheet?

Epoxy ESD FR4 Sheet is a kind of semiconductor material made of non-alkali epoxy resin filled with a certain proportion of carbon black and laminated at high temperature. It has high mechanical strength and toughness and stable electrostatic discharge performance. It shows better performance at room temperature. Good static elimination effect, more suitable for use in semiconductor and dust-free environments.

Product features:

The surface is smooth and flat, and the diagonal warpage is less than 3%;

Good heat resistance and moisture resistance, good electrical properties in dry and wet states; low water absorption, not easy to deform;

High mechanical properties and good machinability;

Stable anti-static performance, surface resistance value: between 10^6-10^9 Ω;

FR4-ESD board is a full anti-static board. After machining, its anti-static performance will not change. Even if the surface is worn, the resistivity will not be affected;

Specific gravity between 2.1-2.15;

Temperature resistance up to 150℃;

Good flame retardant coefficient ( 94-V 0 ).

Use cases:

Semiconductor precision test plate

IC, fixture, jig

LCD detector fixture

IC / wafer process fixture

Various glass manufacturing fixtures

PCB test stand

Color: Black

Specification: 3-40mm thick x1020x1220mm;

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