Is there a risk of rusting on the "medical needle logo"?

Regarding the surface identification of surgical instruments, due to the need for surgical identification, designers will make a variety of identification lines on the surface of implanted interventional instruments. Recently, I chatted with some friends and said that some of their stainless steel products had a slight yellowing problem in the logo link. They asked me if there was a problem with the material. Later, after understanding, it was found that there was a problem with the selection of the logo process. Well, we are establishing a logo When the standard requires, what issues need to be paid attention to


Nowadays, the popular design marking process options are all laser markings. Indeed, the laser-made markings belong to a high-temperature sintering process, which causes the surface to become black. Then even if you choose stainless steel. After laser processing, if the treatment is not good, there will be secondary oxidation possible afterwards, which is the rust phenomenon that everyone often appears. JY Machinery team generally recommends that when choosing this laser marking process, we must force the chemical protection of the sintering position to improve its corrosion resistance.


In fact, for the marking process, many of the foreign surgical instrument process choices are corrosion processes. After being energized through the chemical solution, the color difference reaction occurs on the surface to achieve the black reaction. For this situation, JY Machinery team conducted a series of Experiments and demonstrations show that the corrosion resistance of this process is better than the effect of laser surface recognition, and the test is not a problem for more than 75 hours, and then it can pass the biosensitivity test smoothly. So the question is coming, why do many designers prefer laser marking? Some investigations have also been done in this regard, and they all agree that the advantage of the laser effect is that the edge of the mark is better than the erosion.


For the process selection of surface recognition, what should be paid attention to? Laser marking is carefully selected for carbon steel material devices, implanted devices, and products that require "biocompatible" test products. Based on the safety considerations, JY Machinery recommends that you choose a corrosion process to ensure surface stability and avoid some. Security threats. In addition, we also need to do a good job of secondary contact and cross-influence risks in surface chemical protection and clean circulation.

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