Precision CNC Machining Technique for Automotive Industry

Precision CNC Machining Technique for Automotive Industry 

JY Machinery is a supplier of providing Precision CNC machining solutions for automotive industry, including automotive parts, headlamps, rear lamps etc

1.Features of CNC machining

 CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) referred to as numerical control. It is a method to realize the automatic control of the working process of the processing object with the digital code. The operation and monitoring of the CNC Machining are all completed in the CNC unit, which is the brain of the CNC machine. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machining has the following characteristics:

  •       High degree of automation and low labor intensity.
  •       High processing accuracy and good product consistency.
  •       Multi-axis linkage can realize the processing of complex workpieces.
  •       The mechanical transmission chain is short, the structure is simple, and the production efficiency is high.

2. Application of CNC technology in automobile manufacturing

The application of CNC Machining in the production of auto parts. In recent years, the speed of economic development has accelerated, and the automotive processing industry has also obtained a good development space and maintained a good development momentum. Therefore, the processing and manufacturing technology of automotive parts has also developed rapidly, and the emergence of digital technology can effectively make The original slow development of automobile parts production technology has been developed more rapidly. In recent years, Precision CNC Machining have been vigorously promoted in the manufacturing process of auto parts. The quality of auto parts produced using Precision CNC Machining has been upgraded by a grade on the original basis, and the efficiency of processing production has also been improved. It can greatly meet the market requirements of the more competitive machinery manufacturing industry today, and can effectively reduce production costs, so as to achieve a good production goal of one-time investment and long-term profit. The traditional automobile processing industry mainly focuses on scale and profitability. However, with the emergence of CNC technology and its wide application in the automobile processing manufacturing industry, this traditional law has been broken, thus achieving multiple categories, small batches, and small Scale, high-efficiency production goals. In addition, in the CNC Machining, virtual reality control technology, flexible manufacturing system, computer-aided manufacturing technology have also been widely used in automobile manufacturing process.

1As the heart of the car, the engine has very high precision requirements and complicated processing technology. The cylinder block is the largest part of the engine and the main support for other parts. The cylinder block needs to be cast first, and then use the CNC machining center to mill the "three holes and four sides", and then use the CNC boring machine to fine boring the cylinder. The piston is also cast first, then CNC machined, and finally ground. The connecting rod is forged first, and then processed by CNC. The crankshaft has very high requirements for dynamic balance, and the cam profile accuracy of the camshaft is very high, and it must be processed by Precision CNC Machining. The most complex cylinder heads on the engine are processed using a variety of Precision CNC Machining. The oil sump of the engine is stamped, which seems to have nothing to do with Precision CNC Machining, but its stamping molds are processed with Precision CNC Machining.

2The gearbox is an important transmission mechanism in the automobile, which contains many shaft parts and gears mounted on it. Now in the automotive processing industry, all shafts and gears in the gearbox are manufactured by Precision CNC Machining. At present, gears are often processed by gear cutting, shaving, hobbing and other processes. Precision CNC Machining have great advantages in gear processing, with high processing accuracy and high production efficiency. After the initial processing of the shaft parts, it is necessary to mill the keyway, pull the spline, etc., in order to improve the precision of the fitting, you must use Precision CNC Machining. After casting the gearbox shell, it is necessary to mill the end face and drill the shaft hole on the CNC machining center to ensure the spacing between the shafts.

(3)The drive axle is also an important transmission mechanism. The two hypoid gears of the main reducer in the drive axle must be processed by Precision CNC Machining. The bevel gear in the differential must also be processed on the CNC machine tool. After casting, the axle housing also has milled end faces and drilled holes, and several bolt holes on the end faces are processed by a special machine tool at one time.

 (4)There are still many difficult-to-machine parts in automobiles. They cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools, and can only be processed by Precision CNC Machining. For example, high-volume automotive engines, gearboxes, and main components of the chassis require five-axis CNC machining centers.

Among many machine tools, lathes are simple in structure and low in price, but they can be used for the production of various shafts and discs, and they have been widely used in the production and processing of mechanical parts, especially CNC lathes with high precision It has strong stability and low failure rate. It is favored by users in the automobile industry, and is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry and is in a dominant position. CNC lathes can be used in the automotive industry to process shafts and discs, such as camshafts, crankshafts, flywheels, hubs, brake discs, one shaft, two shafts, gears, gear sleeves, and shaft parts and disks Parts are the dominant part of the entire automobile.

 (5)The application of CNC technology in the production of complete vehicles. There are four lines in the production of complete vehicles, namely stamping, welding, painting and assembly lines, and Precision CNC Machining are not used everywhere. The most widely used in automated production lines are the manipulators and transmission devices controlled by CNC technology, which makes worker assembly more accurate, convenient and fast. With the development of CNC technology, there are also some fully automated production lines that do not require manual control. The most typical and widely used is the automatic body front panel production line, which is completely controlled by the machine and does not require manual intervention, increasing production efficiency and reducing Damage to the human body. There are also automatic welding robots, with high welding quality and fast welding speed, which is more than one hundred times that of manual welding.


3.Development prospects of CNC technology in the automotive industry

From the perspective of the entire automotive industry, CNC technology has obvious advantages in multi-category processing and small and medium-sized batch production, so it has a particularly important position in the automotive manufacturing industry. It can not only process all kinds of mechanical components, but also complete special processing such as automobile sheet metal, chassis welding, shaft forging, vehicle assembly, EDM, laser and so on. In the processing, the equipment with strong processing capacity such as CNC vertical / horizontal milling machining center, universal turning machining center, etc. are used in the flexible manufacturing system (FMS), which greatly improves its processing ability and flexibility . CNC technology is becoming an inevitable trend in the development of the manufacturing industry. The flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) composed of Precision CNC Machining occupy an important position in the mechanical processing industry.

4.Conclusion for CNC Automotive  

The automotive processing industry has transitioned from the traditional large-scale and singular production method to the diversified, small and medium-sized batch production and production methods. The leading flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is a better manufacturing method to adapt to this transition period. The CNC Machining in automobile production and the flexible manufacturing method dominated by it have the advantages of product manufacturing, but also help to combine the relatively independent product design, manufacturing and other processes in the enterprise, and develop the CNC Machining and its The leading flexible manufacturing system (FMS) can greatly benefit automobile manufacturers and continuously improve their comprehensive strength and market competitiveness.

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