Precision CNC Milling Service: What Factors Affect CNC Machining Cost?

How to save CNC milling costs? Why some custom CNC milling services are expensive? Firstly, we may need to know the cost factors for CNC milling services.

1)Stock Material

As with any type of manufacturing, Stock material is the most basic cost. Some materials are more difficult to process than others, and some materials are more expensive as raw materials.

The processing speed of some materials is much slower than others, even with the advancement of modern tools and mechanical technology. Some materials can wear out the expensive consumable cutting tools used more quickly, and can vary from one tool that makes hundreds or even thousands of parts to one part consuming multiple tools.Therefore, the material selection of your components can be a huge cost factor.

2)The Specification of CNC Machining Parts

The size and overall geometry of the parts are of course important factors in the quotation of machining operations. Obviously, the larger the physical part, the more materials needed to make it. The more detailed and complex the geometric design, the higher the cost of creation. Parts that require very tight tolerances, better surface finish or difficult to form geometric shapes will cost more than simple parts. It is always wise to consult an experienced manufacturer during the design phase of a component. This knowledge can help you design parts with complete functions and high manufacturing efficiency.

3)CNC Machines

The machines required to create the part can greatly affect the cost. How many different machines and operations are needed? What size machines are needed? Modern manufacturing equipment is very expensive, depending on the type of machine, brand, quality, size and capability.Each of these factors must be considered in the accurate cost.

4)Secondary Processing

Many processed products require additional treatment, such as heat treatment, special processing operations, surface treatment and professional coating. All these requirements will increase the cost of the basic product, and its necessity and value should be evaluated.

5)CNC Machinist Skills

More complex machining jobs require the expertise of more well-trained and skilled machinists. A simple component that runs on a basic CNC machine tool can often be efficiently operated by experienced people, thereby reducing tuition. As the complexity and difficulty of the components increase, the experience and capabilities of the mechanics are also operating, so you can see that the cost will increase accordingly.

6) Number and Frequency of Operations

One of the most important cost influencing factors that is often misunderstood is throughput. Many components require multiple operations and steps to complete. You must implement the required tools and consumables together to perform very complex processing operations. The settings of these operations may be completed in a few minutes to a few days or even a few weeks. All related costs must be allocated to this sample, and therefore can be very expensive. If the same setting is performed, the same setting cost can be allocated to 10,000 pieces, thereby greatly reducing the cost of each piece. The frequency of these operations can also play a role. If a customer needs 50 pieces per week for delivery, but many cnc milling company can run 200 pieces at a time, or even the entire one-year quantity requirement, therefore, providing machine tool repetitive work guarantee and accurate demand estimation can usually be used to reduce components the cost of.

7)Inspection Standards

When considering the cost of processed parts, a clear standard of appropriate inspection level should always be given. This significantly reduces the costs associated with component inspection.

8)Design Cost

Are your CAD drawings accurate, detailed and complete? You may need the help of an experienced engineer or mechanic to complete your design plan to ensure that your finished product is discharged as expected. A tolerance analysis is easily overlooked, and it may randomly cause assembly or functional problems. This design consultation phase can add some initial costs to the project, but it can save a lot in the long run. It's better to make sure that your drawings and CAD models communicate with what you are looking for before manufacturing starts, rather than manufacturing them twice to get the content you need.

Generally speaking, almost everything we use in our daily life is just the first or second generation of CNC machined parts. Therefore, understanding the cost influencing factors of machined parts and using them effectively can ultimately reduce all the costs we use.

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