What performance should SMC insulation board have?

SMC insulation board has the advantages of good insulation performance and strong tensile resistance. When used, it has some good performances. These performances can not only improve its strength, but also bring us to use Help, so what are the specific features?

1. Mechanical properties

SMC insulating plates will be affected by various external forces during use. For example, the insulating plates used in high-voltage large-capacity generators must be able to withstand high mechanical stress caused by high-speed rotation, starting and stopping, and sudden short circuits. Therefore, higher machinery is required. Performance, including tensile strength and elongation at break.

2. Thermal stability

Thermal stability is a very important indicator of SMC insulation board. It is a major factor in the aging of low voltage insulation and determines its service life. Under normal operating conditions, the electric field strength has only a slight influence on the insulation aging process. Insulating board used in a relatively high temperature environment for a long time will become brittle due to thermal aging and gradually lose its mechanical and electrical properties.

3. Electrical performance

Insulating plates are widely used in electrical equipment, so they need to meet certain electrical properties. The electrical performance of an insulating board refers to its conductance, dielectric loss and breakdown characteristics under the action of an electric field.

These performances of SMC insulation board are complementary and indispensable. It is precisely because of the presence of these performances that it has a better insulation effect. In the process of use, attention should be paid to timely maintenance and maintenance work, so that the use performance can be longer, otherwise it will only cause the aging of the board and the loss of performance.

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