Why do some epoxy resin boards need to be dipped in paint?

Epoxy board is widely used. It can be used as insulation parts in electrical appliances. It has the characteristics of heat insulation, high voltage resistance and wear resistance. And some customers need to dip in paint in the epoxy plate processing parts, Today we will explain to you why:

Small and medium-sized motor winding insulation (insulation structure) is composed of various components such as electromagnetic wires, slot insulation, phase insulation, interlayer insulation, slot wedges, and banding fixed insulation. Due to the needs of processes such as coil manufacturing and embedding, each component is assembled from independent pieces, and it is a loose assembly before the insulation treatment. After impregnating the insulating varnish, a certain amount of insulating impregnating varnish, glue, etc. are filled into the interlayer windings, turns and gaps in the windings, so that the entire winding insulation is bonded together to improve the heat resistance, thermal conductivity, Dielectric strength, mechanical strength and resistance to environmental media.

The function of dipping paint is as follows:

(1)    Improving the heat resistance, the stain-free paint fills and covers the insulation after curing, making it difficult for oxygen, moisture and other chemical media in the atmosphere to penetrate into the insulation, thereby reducing the rate of thermal oxygen aging and wet heat aging, and improving the insulation structure. Heat resistance.

(2)    Improved thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of the paint film after curing is about 5 to 10 times that of air, which improves the thermal conductivity, makes the heat of the winding conductor easier to radiate, and reduces the temperature rise of motors and appliances.

(3)    Improving the dielectric strength, the breakdown strength of the impregnated paint film is at least 5 times that of air, and the insulation structure can significantly improve the electrical breakdown strength after insulation treatment.

(4) Improve the mechanical strength, the insulation of the motor and electrical appliance windings becomes a whole after the insulation treatment. The increased mechanical strength makes the relative displacement, fretting, deformation, friction, and damage caused by vibration, electromagnetic force and thermal expansion during the operation of the electrical appliance. The probability of damage to the electrical equipment caused by insulation is reduced.

(5) Improving the ability to withstand environmental media. Electrical and electrical insulation must inevitably come into contact with lubricating oil, moisture in the atmosphere, and various corrosive gases. Immersion of these media into the insulation will accelerate the degradation of the insulation, expand the tiny cracks in the insulation, and form dendritic aging , Resulting in penetration or creepage breakdown.  After the insulation treatment, the impregnating agent fills the voids and micropores in the insulation structure, so that the main insulation components do not directly contact the conductive medium, making it difficult to immerse into the insulation.

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