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Q: What is copper?

ACopper, also known as red copper, is a simple substance of copper. It is named for its purple-red color. See copper for various properties. Red copper is industrial pure copper, with a melting point of 1083 ° C, no isomeric transformation, and a relative density of 8.9, which is five times that of magnesium. The mass of the same volume is about 15% heavier than ordinary steel. Red copper is generally called red copper because it has a rose-red color and is purple when an oxide film is formed on the surface. It is copper containing a certain amount of oxygen, so it is also called oxygen-containing copper.


QWhats the performance of copper?

ACopper is a kind of relatively pure copper. It can be generally regarded as pure copper. It has good conductivity and plasticity, but its strength and hardness are poor. Red copper has excellent thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. Trace impurities in red copper have a serious impact on the electrical and thermal conductivity of copper. Among them, titanium, phosphorus, iron, silicon, etc. significantly reduce the conductivity, while cadmium, zinc, etc. have little effect. The solid solubility of sulfur, selenium, tellurium, etc. in copper is very small, and can form brittle compounds with copper, which has little effect on conductivity, but can reduce processing plasticity.

Copper has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, sea water and certain non-oxidizing acids (hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid), alkalis, salt solutions and various organic acids (acetic acid, citric acid), and is used in the chemical industry. In addition, copper has good weldability, and can be made into various semi-finished products and finished products by cold and thermoplastic processing.


QWhat is Copper CNC Machining?

AAccording to the customer's drawings, a set of processing programs is prepared by the computer, and the copper is used as the raw material to process the items digitally, including cutting, drilling, tapping, etc., which basically rely on CNC operations.

QWhats the advantages for Copper CNC Machining?

A: 1. Significantly reduce the number of tooling, processing complex shape parts does not require complex tooling

2. The production efficiency is higher in the case of multiple varieties and small batch production, which can reduce the time for production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, and the cutting time is reduced due to the use of the optimal cutting amount.

3. It can process complex profiles that are difficult to process with conventional methods, and can even process some unobservable parts.

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