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Q: Can you CNC plastic?

A:Because the performance of plastic is different from that of metal and wood, the thermal conductivity of plastic is poor, the coefficient of thermal expansion, and the modulus of elasticity are low. When the jig or tool is deformed too much, it is easy to cause deformation. When cutting, it is easy to melt due to heat and easy to wear on the tool . Therefore, when machining plastics, the tools used and the corresponding cutting speeds must be adapted to the characteristics of the plastics. Therefore, plastics can also be cut, drilled and welded with lasers.

Q: What is CNC plastic?

A:Plastic is a synthetic polymer material. It has many excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, high strength / weight ratio, convenient and fast forming, rich colors and excellent electrical insulation. It has been used in various industrial sectors. The production of plastic parts usually uses a mold forming process. However, small batches of plastic parts still need to be completed by CNC processing, that is, computerized digital control of precision mechanical processing, CNC machining lathes, CNC machining milling machines, CNC machining boring and milling machines, etc.

Q:Can a CNC machine cut plastic?

A:1. CNC lathe for plastic:If the surface requirements of the workpiece are particularly high, the cutter head shall be designed as a wide head row. For ends used to cut profiles, design. It is in the shape of rhombic long edge to avoid excessive burr. When processing thin-walled and soft materials, it is best to use a knife head with the same structure as a knife.

2.Drilling Holes for plastic:Twist drills can be used, with a helix angle ranging from 12 to 16 degrees. To facilitate chip removal, the helix groove should be smooth. When the diameter of a hole is large, it is necessary to drill it step by step or use a hollow drill or cut it directly. When drilling solid materials, pay special attention to use a sharper drill bit, otherwise the increasing pressure during drilling may cause the parts to crack. Compared with the unreinforced materials, the reinforced plastics have higher internal stress and lower impact strength in the machining process, so they are easier to crack. Therefore, if possible, heat the profile to about 120 ° C before drilling the reinforcement material (heating time is 1 hour for every 10 mm thick part). We recommend heating nylon and polyester only when they are processed.

3.Tapping threads for plastic:It is better to use a thread cutter to process threads, and use a double tooth cutter to avoid flash. When tapping, the machining allowance shall be considered (the machining allowance depends on different materials and apertures, and the reference value is 0.1mm).

Q:What is the best plastic for Machining/Milling ?


ABS resin is one of the five synthetic resins. It has excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties. It also has the characteristics of easy processing, stable product size, and good surface gloss. It is easy to paint. , Coloring, can also be surface sprayed metal, electroplating, welding, hot pressing and bonding and other secondary processing, widely used in machinery, automobiles, electronic appliances, instrumentation, textile and construction and other industrial fields, is a very useful Wide range of thermoplastic engineering plastics. ABS is usually light yellow or milky white granular non-crystalline resin. ABS is one of the most widely used engineering plastics.

2. Nylon:

The Nylon has the most superior comprehensive properties, including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance. These characteristics, combined with good electrical insulation and chemical resistance, make nylon a "universal grade" material for the manufacture of mechanical structural parts and maintainable parts.


English abbreviation PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), is a vinyl chloride monomer (vinyl chloride monomer, abbreviated as VCM) in peroxide, azo compounds and other initiators; or under the action of light and heat polymerized by free radical polymerization mechanism polymer. Vinyl chloride homopolymers and vinyl chloride copolymers are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resins. PVC used to be the largest general-purpose plastic in the world, and it is widely used. It is widely used in construction materials, industrial products, daily necessities, floor leather, floor tiles, artificial leather, pipes, wires and cables, packaging films, bottles, foam materials, sealing materials, fibers, etc.


Bakelite has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is commonly used in the manufacture of electrical materials such as switches, lamp holders, headphones, telephone cases, instrument cases, etc.


The chemical name of this transparent polymer material is polymethyl methacrylate, which is a polymer compound polymerized by methyl methacrylate. It is an important thermoplastic developed earlier. Plexiglass is divided into colorless transparent, colored transparent, pearlescent, embossed organic glass. Plexiglass is commonly known as acrylic, mid-range acrylic, and acrylic. Plexiglass has the advantages of good transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, and beautiful appearance. Plexiglass is also called gelatin glass, acrylic, etc. The material is widely used in the production of advertising light boxes and nameplates.

6. POM

Known as "super steel" or "sai steel", also known as polyoxymethylene. The English abbreviation is POM. Usually a polymer obtained by polymerization of formaldehyde. Advantage:1. High mechanical strength and rigidity; 2. Highest fatigue strength; 3. Good environmental resistance and resistance to organic solvents;4. Strong resistance to repeated impact; 5. Wide operating temperature range (-40℃~120℃); 6. Good electrical properties;7. Good recovery; 8. Good lubricity and wear resistance;

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