Custom precision CNC turned machining automotive components with anodizing finish

√ Materials: Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Steel / Brass /Copper / Titanium /Zinc Alloy...

√ Surface Treatment: Anodized / Polish /Painting/Brush/Satin Finish/ Powder Coating...

√ Precision grade and tight tolerance

√ Custom CNC machining for Mechanical parts,such as auto,motorcycle,Bike parts...

Products description

Manufacturer of custom auto parts CNC machining 

JY Machinery provides the most advanced custom CNC automotive parts, including shaft, gear, flange and other related spare parts.Our materials involve brass, stainless steel and aluminum among others.We are also good at developing custom automotive parts, such as rapid prototyping and assembly.Our clients have benefited in the following areas.

In addition, we can also manufacture customized spare parts and materials to meet the needs of customers around the world.Ideally, we build personalized parts for most vehicles and machines to achieve smooth integration in a mechanized world.All custom materials are thoroughly checked by our professionals against the listed consumer specifications to ensure that their requirements and expectations are well addressed.

We always offer you a wide selection of auto parts, thus providing our customers with opportunities for exercise and preference.We also provide mechanical equipment design and assembly services.To automate production and increase efficiency.



What we can support you for custom auto parts cnc machining?


Reasonable quotation and engineering support auto parts CNC machining

After review and check our engineering team, to provide the best machining process for each parts, the optimal machining process, to provide customers with reasonable price, any potential project development and prototype we can also provide free support, make it easy for your project development in time if you only 2 d engineering drawing, our engineering team can use the IGS, STEP, X_T format, such as making 3 d part drawing, of course, we can processing Suggestions and PPT or excel files sent to you for review.

Quality assurance

First, we will provide you with quality guaranteed, if you are always worry about quality products, welcome you to come from the definition of auto parts CNC processing, we are happy to provide authentic products.We provide you with material report (COC) and part inspection report,

Delivery on time

Our customized automotive parts CNC machining always ensures timely delivery to all global customers.We have more than 30 CNC machines and other related machine tools, such as CNC lathes, grinding, laser cutting, can deliver all parts on time, we also provide you with flexible working hours to meet your urgent needs, we can deliver you fast prototype requirements in 3-7 days.We will deliver it to you via DHL, Fedex Express within 3-4 days.

After-sales service

From the invoice number to the customer throughout the whole process, we provide a sound after-sales service for all parts shipped, at the same time, also according to the customer's inspection and feedback, if there are any comments, we will provide the best solution to customer satisfaction and comfort.


JY Machinery specializes in CNC machining, prototype processing, small batch manufacturing, metal processing and parts finishing services, to provide you with the best support and service.Now ask us a question.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or enquiries regarding metal and plastic technology and custom processing

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