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Products description

G10 / FR4 is a refractory glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminate.

Notable features of G10 / FR4 include:

Excellent mechanical properties even at high humidity
Excellent dielectric strength and stability in dry, humid and high humidity environments
Fire protection in accordance with UL 94, 94v-0 standards
MIL-I-24768/27 GEE-F compliance

JY machinery has a unique capability for the mass production of Garolite insulators for terminal boards, electrical and electronic test equipment, and for electric rotors and other demanding applications.Our approach emphasizes quality above all else and ensures that we can provide Garolite phenolic machining to your specifications.

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Product Parameter:

Item Unit Result
Density g/cm³ 1.9
standard color   yellow, green
Fire Retardancy Grade:  -- UL94-V0
Flame Resistance: °C 170-180
Voltage Resistance(penetrating) KV/mm 12
Arc Resistance S 60-80
Volume resistivity: Ω*cm 10 ^6
Surface resitance: Ω*cm 10 ^6
Compressive Strength(Vertical): MPA ≥350
Anti-impact intensity KJ/ m2 ≥33
Bending strength kg/mm2 ≥340
Dielectric constant (1MHz) : / 5.4
Adhesive strength: kg 700-900
Compressive strength(Horizontal): kg/mm2 20-24
Water absorption rate: % 0.07-0.12


•Epoxy Glass Fiber cloth laminated sheet series环氧玻璃布层压板系列

•Phenolic laminated sheet series酚醛层压板系列

•Polyester Laminated sheets series聚酯板材系列

•SMC/BMC/DMC Molded Parts团状模塑料

•Insulation Rods&Tubes绝缘管棒

•Pultruded Profiles拉挤型材

•Engineering Plastics Parts工程塑胶制品



JY Machinery has strong technical strength and adhere to“Technical Innovation as the guide”. After more than 10 years of development, our company
has a full range of insulated products. Sheets & Rods from thin to extra-thick to meet different needs of the customers. With the excellent quality and
service, we are the supplier of the well-known ernterprices like ABB, Siemens, etc and provide technical support and insulation material supply for many
big metro projects, like Doha, Beijing, Hanghzou, Ningbo metros. Our products are widely used in rail transit, power transmission and transformation, new
energy, aerospace, shipbuilding, military, electronics, etc. At present, the products has been exported to many countries and has won high praise of
customers at home and abroad.

We strive to create the most professional manufacturers of insulating materials and non-metal materials processing enterprise. Find the best solution for
your various applications. Welcome to speak with JY MACHINERY for setting up win-win partnership.

Our Services:

1. Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied within 24hours.
2. Experienced staffs to answer all your enquires in fluent English with professional knowledge.
3. What we supplied for you is not only the products but also the best service and confidence.
4. Protection of all your private business information.
5. One time cooperation, long time partners.
6. In case of any quality problem, we will firstly compenstate customer and not let the customer has any lost.
7. We will provide you any update news about your order status.


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