Plastic injection molding custom ABS enclosure for electronic parts

√ Plastic injection molding service

√ Instant quoting & DfM feedback

√ Ensure your parts consistently meet your quality expectations

√ Available plastic materials:ABS,Nylon(PA 6),PC/ABS,


Products description

JY machinery was established in 2008, the company existing staff 100 people, covers an area of 5000 square meters, specializes in CNC Machining, Plastic Injection mold production.

From the past to now, we have been committed to providing customers with a variety of mold and injection products, high quality and short delivery time.

Injection molded parts tailored for engineers for small and batch production.Get instant quote now!

Our injection molding service:

Our injection molding service allows you to seeminglessly move from prototyping to end-part production.



Minimum order quantity


Mold material

45#steel、718H、718HH、S136、S136H、8407、8402、Cr12, P20,Aluminum

Mold types

Injection mould

Mold storage

Minimum 2 years

Mold lead time

2-3 weeks (Rapid tool),3-5 weeks (Production tool)

Quality assurance

Inspection reports included, full dimensional report and material certifications available upon request.

Design verification program

First article(T1 Sample) from mold testing and send you to confirm before running production

Mold remachining

We can remachine the molds should any changes be required, changes to be reviewed on a case by case basis.


The unit price is based on the quantity required to reorder.

Design Services







Q:What is the normal process of a new project?

A:Usually start with a drawing/sketch or similar sample. Carefully study your materials and pass our review process, we collect the data required for the project quotation and any special material requirements. Once we have the information we need, we will complete your quotation. If the project is approved, we will ask for an initial prepayment of 40-50% of the material cost and start manufacturing.

Q:Which format you prefer for drawings file to send inquiry?

A:You can send our product drawings / parts drawings. IGES, STEP or X_T, this is the preferred format, of course you can also directly use pro / e, UG, solidworks, catia format files, we have the corresponding software to read

Q:I have no 3D drawing or 2D drawing , how should I start the project?

A:You can supply us a sample, we will help to finish the 3D drawing design.

Q:How long does it take to build an injection/CNC rapid prototyping/die casting mold?

A:Depending on the products' complexity and structure,  it can range from 2 to 6 weeks.

Q:How to ensure product quality?

A:We are a regular mold company,We comply with the ISO system and have monitoring departments.

Q:How soon can i get a quotation?

A:Normally, we can get back you within 24 hours when getting your detailed 3d drawing and requirements. if projects include many different parts, we will try our best to get back asap. and we hope the inquiry you send us is with details so that both of us can save the time.  

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