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Products description

3240 Epoxy Fiberglass Machined Products

JY Machinery can meet short lead time requirements for machined plastic parts because of excellent material supplier relationships, sensible inventories, a fast quote process and a commitment to our customers.We are able to supply small and large quantities of sheets, rods, tubes (round/square/rectangular), angles, and custom fabricated parts. Our wide range of composites make it easy for us to designate the best fit for your composite insulation or bearing requirements.


Size: 1020x1220mm,  1220x2440mm,1020x2040mm
Payment terms: T/T or L/C in sight
Delivery port: Ningbo ,shanghai.
Pacage: wooden pallet or according to customer requirements. 
Delivery time:10-15 days.
Temperature grade: B(130°C)

The difference between a 3240 epoxy board and an FR4 epoxy board?

Epoxy plate is produced by domestic common materials, we can call it 3240 epoxy plate, while the epoxy plate produced by foreign production materials can be called imported insulating plate, also known as FR4 epoxy plate.But they are very different in physical or chemical properties.Now, I will briefly introduce to you:
1. 3240 epoxy plate.General name: 3240 epoxy phenolic fiberglass cloth laminate.The adhesive used is epoxy resin, with phenolic resin as the curing agent.High temperature resistance is usually 155 degrees.It has good machinability, also very suitable for transformers and transformer oil.Density generally does not exceed the national standard: 1.9.But now many Chinese manufacturers have added fillers such as talcum powder to save costs in the manufacturing process.Its density has increased greatly.But it also greatly reduces its electrical performance, can only be used in general insulation engineering.
2. FR4 epoxy plate.It also USES epoxy glue.However, it does not use phenolic resin as a curing agent.It is completely cured at high temperatures, usually 180 degrees or higher.Processability is very strong.For example, we've done experiments in the past where we cut FR4 with a cutting machine, and the cutting machine produces sparks.Its processing properties can be seen.And use will not crack, layering.Very strong electrical performance, suitable for electronic circuit boards and copper - clad laminate.The substrates are also electronic muslin, fiber cloth.Its total density is 1.85, with good chemical resistance.

Product Show

Product Parameters



Specific gravity



Class of material to IEC-publ 85 class “F”



Flexural strength min


Mpa 343.2


Mpa 284.4

Tensile strength min


Mpa 294.2


Mpa 215.6

Impact strength min



KJ/m² 147.1

KJ/m² 98.1

Surface strength min

Under normal condition

After immersion in water


Ω 1 x 1013

Ω 1 x 1011

Volume resistivity min

Under normal condition

After immersion in water

Ohms cm

Ω cm 1 x 1013

Ω cm 1 x 1011

Insulation resistance parallel
to laminationMin

Under normal condition

After immersion in water


Ω 1 x 1010

Ω 1 x 108

Dielectric loss Max


Kv/mm 0.05

Breakdown strength

Perpendicular to laminations

(at 90 ± 2ºC in transformer oil)


Thickness 0.5~1mm

Kv/mm 22.0

Thickness 0.5~1mm

Kv/mm 20.0

Thickness 0.5~1mm

Kv/mm 18.0

Sheet with thickness more than 3mm shall be machined up to 3mm from one side

Kv/mm 18.0

Breakdown voltage parallel to laminations
(at 90 ± 2ºC in transformer oil)




Product Features

*High mechanical & electrical strength

*Excellent rigidity & dimensional stability

*Good dielectric properties

*Low water absorption

*Maximum operating temperature up to 200 degree Celsius (Type: G-11)

*Flame resistance (Type: FR-4)

*Tighter thickness tolerance

*Flat and straight panel

*Smooth and clean surface.

*Easy to machine

Main Insulation Product Categories

• Epoxy Glass Fiber cloth laminated sheet(3240/FR-4/G-10/FR-5/G-11) 

• Phenolic laminated sheet

• Polyester Laminated sheets(GPO-3/UPGM 205)

• SMC/BMC/DMC Molded Parts

• Insulation Rods&Tubes

• Pultruded Profiles

• Engineering Plastics Parts


G10/FR4 Parts Applications

The characteristics of the G10 / FR4 make it ideal for complex, high-precision electrical insulator projects.Electrical insulators limit the flow of current and provide protection for anyone who comes into contact with them,while ensuring the integrity of the circuit and the structural integrity of the product.

Some of the many products that use G10 / FR4 materials include:

  • Lighting equipment and other switches
  • Timers, transformers and other electrical controls
  • Arc barrier
  • Terminal boards
  • Washers
  • Sleeves
  • Structural components 

And more.For information on whether G10 / FR4 is suitable for your project, please contact us and speak directly to one of our engineers.

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