How to do for the anti-corrosion treatment on sheet metal processing?

The sheet metal industry is developing rapidly. It can be said that no matter which industry is inseparable from it. Specific examples are chimneys, cylinders, fuel tanks, ventilation pipes, elbows, funnels, etc. The main processes are shearing, bending, forming, welding, riveting, etc. How to protect sheet metal processed products? How to prevent the workpiece from being corroded in the air? Corrosion protection has always been the biggest problem of metal products.

1. Rust removal of sheet metal processing products.

2. Sheet metal processing products are epoxy zinc-rich primers, which are mainly used as antirust primers for steel structures and steel products. The main components are: epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, zinc powder, anti-rust pigments, additives and organic solvents.

3. Sheet metal processing products are used as epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint: used in conjunction with epoxy zinc-rich primer, as a long-term anti-corrosion coating transition layer, its role is to enhance the sealing and anti-corrosion of the composite coating. It is used as anti-corrosion and anti-rust primer, the coating is strong and tough, has good adhesion and sealing, and has good compatibility with the front and back coatings. Its components are: epoxy resin and curing agent, mica iron oxide and anti-rust pigments.

4. Sheet metal processing products as surface layer. The surface layer can be used for epoxy asphalt topcoat, chlorinated rubber topcoat, acrylic and polyurethane topcoat, fluorocarbon topcoat, etc.

Of course, it needs to select the corresponding method for the specific situation of sheet metal parts. At the same time, reduce the contact of sheet metal products with other stains and maintain a dry environment during use. These are effective ways to reduce rust.

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