How to judge whether the SMC insulation board is good?

To correctly judge whether the SMC insulation board is of good quality, then we need its material to start, and the method of inspecting the material is to analyze and inspect these materials, and then under the premise of ensuring its performance, it can still meet The basic inspection principle, and its insulation is one of the very important factors. Whether the quality of the product is good or not is the prerequisite that affects the normal work. Then we will briefly understand how to judge.

1. It should have strong combustion resistance.

When the insulating material is in contact with the flame, it has a stronger ability to resist burning or stop burning when leaving the flame, because the higher the burning resistance, the better the safety.

2. A good SMC insulation board should have high insulation resistance and resistivity.

Resistance is the reciprocal of conductance, and resistivity is the resistance per unit volume. The less conductive the material, the greater its resistance, and the two are in a reciprocal relationship. For insulating materials, it is always desirable to have the highest resistivity as possible.

3. It should have good tensile strength.

In the tensile test, the specimen is subjected to a relatively large tensile stress, and this is a very representative test for the mechanical properties of insulating materials.

Under the specified test conditions, the ability of the SMC insulation board to withstand the arc action along its surface. During the test, use AC high voltage and small current to determine the arc resistance of the insulating material by the time required for the formation of a conductive layer on the surface of the insulating material by the arc generated by the high voltage between the two electrodes. The greater the time value, the arc resistance The better.

It is a roll-shaped insulating material made of alkali-free glass fiber cloth used for electricians as a reinforcing material, bonded with high-temperature silicone resin, and processed by high-temperature baking, drying, and pressing. The finished paper roll is dry, non-adhesive, and has good flexibility and flexibility. Compared with soft boards, it has stronger tensile strength. Compared with tape-type insulating materials, its thickness is increased, and the single layer is resistant to voltage breakdown. More capable. With superior electrical insulation performance and high temperature resistance, it is especially suitable for high temperature insulation of various industrial electric furnaces, power frequency furnaces, refining furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces, calcium carbide furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, ferroalloys, electric arc furnaces, etc. in the steel, metallurgical and other industries.

When inspecting the SMC insulation board, we need to know where to start, what is the specific method, and how to operate, etc. The inspection step is also an important factor affecting the later inspection results. Therefore, in the entire operation process, I hope you can pay more attention to its use and specific steps.

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