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A switchgear is an electrical device. The outside line of the switchgear first enters the main control switch in the cabinet, and then enters the sub-control switch. Each branch is set according to its needs. Such as instruments, automatic control, motor magnetic switches, various AC contactors, etc., some also have high-voltage room and low-voltage room switchgear, with high-voltage busbars, such as power plants, etc.

The main function of a switchgear is to open, close, control, and protect electrical equipment in the process of power generation, transmission, distribution, and energy conversion in the power system. The components in the switch cabinet are mainly composed of circuit breakers, disconnectors, load switches, operating mechanisms, transformers and various protection devices. There are many classifications of switchgear. For example, they can be divided into removable switchgear and fixed switchgear through the installation of circuit breakers; or according to the structure of the cabinet, they can be divided into open switchgear, metal-enclosed switchgear, and metal Closed armored switchgear; according to different voltage levels, it can be divided into high-voltage switchgear, medium-voltage switchgear and low-voltage switchgear. It is mainly suitable for various occasions such as power plants, substations, petrochemicals, metallurgical steel rolling, light industrial textiles, factories and mining enterprises and residential quarters, and high-rise buildings.

JY Machinery, as a manufacturer of NEMA-grade GPO-3 glass polyester laminates, we offer pultruded GPO-3 angle and channels, bus duct windows and so on. Working with leading brand in the world, our team keep up with the development of this industry and work out different insulation components solutions according to the electrical and mechanical requirements from our clients. 

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