What factors affect the resistance value of the insulating board?

The resistance value of the insulating board is an important indicator for judging whether it is qualified. The resistance value of a good product must pass, and the resistance value may be unstable during normal use and environmental impact, and these factors require us Solve it in time to ensure that the resistance value is normal.

1.Discharge time: After each insulation test, the tested one should be fully discharged, and the discharge time should be longer than the charging time, so as to drain the remaining charge. Otherwise, due to the influence of the charge of the NHN insulating plate during the re-measurement, the charging current and the absorption current will be smaller than during the first measurement, resulting in a false phenomenon that the absorption specific insulation resistance value increases.

2.Humidity: The surface of the NHN insulation board absorbs moisture, and a water film is formed on the surface of the porcelain sleeve, which often significantly reduces the insulation resistance. When the relative humidity in the air is high, it will absorb more moisture, increase the conductivity, and reduce the insulation resistance value.

3.Temperature: Temperature has a great influence on the resistance of the NHN insulation board. Generally, the insulation resistance decreases with the increase of temperature. The reason is that when the temperature rises, the reaction in the insulating medium intensifies and the conductance increases, resulting in a decrease in the insulation resistance.

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