• G10 Insulating Washer Gasket

    FR4 G10 G11 Glass Epoxy Insulation Flange Gasket Washer

    Epoxy glass fibre and Phenolic cotton/paper Flange Insulation Gaskets Washers are used to solve the sealing and insulating problems of flanges, and to control losses due to corrosion and leakage of pipelines. They are widely used to seal flanges and control stray electric currents in piping at oil, gas, water, refinery, and chemical plants, to increase the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems. FR4 G10 G11 Glass Epoxy is a continuous woven glass fabric laminated with an epoxy resin.  G-10 Glass Epoxy also has low water absorption rates. This grade is extremely high in mechanical strength, has low water absorption and dissipation factors and has superior electrical characteristics, which are exhibited over a wide range of temperatures and humidities. Especially suited for static applications in which flange or joints require isolation from dissimilar metals and subsequent galvanic corrosion. Grade G-10 Glass Epoxy is used for terminal boards, washers, sleeves, structural components, and parts where the strength to size ratio is critical. G-10 Glass Epoxy Washers are available in standard bolt sizes or cut to your size. Sealing Gasket Physical Properties: Property Plain Phenolic Neoprene Faced Phenolic Epoxy Glass G-10 Epoxy Glass G-11 Dielectric strengths, Volts/mil 500 500 550 550 Compressive strength, psi 25,000 25,000 50,000 50,000+ Water absorption, % 1.6 1.6 0.10 0.10 Insulating Resistance, Meg Ohms 40,000 40,000 200,000 200,000 Flexural strength, psi 22,500 22,500 45,000 43,000 Operating temp, ºF -65 to +220 -65 to +175 -292to +280 -292 to +349 Operating temp, ºC -54 to +104 -54 to +79 -180to +138 -180 to +176 Product Features: 1、Good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, standard thickness tolerances. 2、Low water absorption, good moisture resistance and good dielectric properties . 3、Stable electrical insulating properties, good electrical performance in dry or wet conditions. 4、High mechanical strength, good processability Punching, Drilling, Machining and Cutting is available. 5、Good mechanical workability. 6、In high temperature electric performance is stable. 7、High mechanical properties and dielectric properties. Custom Machined: JY machinery offers professional electrical insulation solution and ensures that we understand your applications and your requirements so that we will provide you with high quality, tight tolerance products that meet your specifications. Offering a variety of glass epoxy laminate machining and fabrication services, we will work with you to select the most effective and efficient manufacturing process for your Epoxy rods machined part and manufacture the part to your exact specifications. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with over 20 pieces of equipment to provide custom plastic turning, milling, routing and sawing services.Different sizes and parts are available Call JY Machinery today for all of your g10/g11/FR4/Phenolic machining needs. Related Products: Phenolic Insulating Washers Insulating Washers are available in kits supplied with gaskets and sleeves or induvidually. Available in phenolic or molded to sleeves. More Machined Parts: Epoxy Fiberglass Laminated Sheet                 Epoxy Fiberglass Machined Parts                FR4 G10 Machined Parts Machining Bakelite Parts                                    Machining Phenolic Parts                                 Machining GPO-3 Parts
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